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Kim Slavicek, Kimberly Slavicek, life coach, personality coach Kim Slavicek, Kimberly Slavicek, life coach, personality coach
Kim Slavicek, Kimberly Slavicek, life coach, personality coach Kim Slavicek, Kimberly Slavicek, life coach, personality coach
Personality has the ability to open many doors, let me help you open them!

Welcome to the website of Kimberly Slavicek (Kim Slavicek) and Robert Slavicek (Rob Slavicek), husband and wife personality/life coach team. Thank you for visiting and we hope we can be of service to you. Please note we have now relocated from California to New York, New York to be closer to our children, Randi & Robert Jr.

Kim Slavicek, Kimberly Slavicek, life coach, personality coach

Kimberly Slavicek (Kim) and Robert Slavicek (Rob) are well-known personality development trainers. They have an experience of over 8 years in this field and have helped numerous people become confident about themselves. Undergoing personality development coaching can help a person in achieving success in personal and professional life as well. Kimberly and Robert help in increasing the awareness of people about themselves which raises their confidence levels and helps them in living their life fully. Kimberly and Robert Slavicek are known for their unique coaching style. They have traveled around the world for delivering personality development seminars and also offers corporate training packages. Once a person has attended Robert and Kimberly Slavicek's seminars, he or she can experience spiritual, mental, and emotional growth. Personality development can help in bringing positive changes in life of a person, such as improving interpersonal and communication skills, development of problem solving skills, improvement in overall performance, and also helps in leading a calm and stress-free life. These changes not only help the person but also have a positive effect on people around him. Kimberly Slavicek said, "We love to bring positive changes in lives of people who work with us. It gives us immense satisfaction and happiness to see the people giving up negative thoughts, bad habits and embracing a new way of living. Our coaching contributes to overall development of personality and we help people to get over their fears and gain confidence in their day to day dealings. We help in bringing out their leadership qualities which contributes to their professional as well as financial growth. Negative feelings can hold one back and hamper his progress. We help our students in coming face to face with their true selves." Joe Smith had attended Kimberly and Robert’s personality development coaching program. He said, "Kimberly and Robert Slavicek are great coaches and mentors. Before attending their personality development coaching, I felt like a complete failure in life, had lost confidence in myself and couldn't even make smallest decisions because of lack of confidence. Robert and Kimberly Slavicek changed everything. They helped me in developing a positive outlook towards life and I have confidence in my abilities now."

More about Kimberly and Robert: Kimberly Slavicek, also known as Kim Slavicek, is now a New York-based personality development coach and mentor. Kim has decades of helping others. Kim is known for her powerful, life changing seminars on personality development. Kim and Robert, who goes by Rob, have helped hundreds of people around the globe in gaining confidence and bringing positive changes in their life.

Overall, we find our clients tend to be more well adjusted to the riggers of life in our fast paced society. They are much less stressed, more aware of the situation and more willing to indulge themselves in the benefits of life. We hope you will consider Robert and Kimberly Slavicek.

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